It’s 90 Degrees. Get Thee to Sweet Ritual

photo (19)

Austin’s warming up, y’all. We’re hitting 90 degrees in our fair city. Know what that means? Sweet Ritual at 45th and Duval. A scoop of Bluebonnet in a cone will calm all that ails you on a hot day like today. Last week, when it was only 80 degrees but still, we stopped in for for two vanilla scoops chock full of chunks of dried apricot. Some of our favorite flavors include Cubano, Cookies & Cream, Toasted Coconut, Chocolate Chai, Cherry Springer, and Cinnamonkey Elephantastic. All vegan, all natural, with gluten free and soy free options, their own caramel sauces you can bring home in darling bear-shaped squeeze bottles and a freezer full of pre-packed pints to, there is every reason to feel good about walking into Sweet Ritual and eating ice cream for lunch on a hot day.

We follow them in all the ways and highly suggest you get with ’em on instagram if you’re interested in seeing shots of the ice cream sundaes of your dreams: @sweetritual


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