Vegan Cook Out!


Over the weekend we celebrated the warm weather and Julie’s 33rd birthday with an all-out vegan cookout. Is there anything better than organic carrots hot off the grill? No. Unless you want to talk about fresh corn on the cob.

Our strategy for grilling is simple: olive oil, salt, pepper and foil packets when needed. We took a chance on the beets, neither of us having popped those purple gems on the grill before. They would have done better in a foil packet. But it’s okay! Cooking and grilling and life is all about diving headfirst into new experiences, right? Even if it means mourning a few unfulfilled beets along the way….

We met with great success when it came to our darling little Brussels Sprouts. We put them in a foil packet straight away, where they cooked into tender little morsels that we then threw face down on the grill to give them a little char.

We made it through the fabulous sprouts, the beet debacle and a whole lotta veggies with more than a little help from our friends, whom we thanked profusely with perfect carrots and perfect beer on a perfect, sunny Saturday in Austin.

Here are a few shots from the day. With the temperature on the rise and a long Texas summer ahead of us, this likely won’t be the last Adventure in Vegan Grilling we’ll have to share with y’all.

(PS – Surefire way we please the vegans and non-vegans alike: Field Roast Sausages. We picked up a few packages of Italian and Smoked Apple Sage at Central Market (you can also find them at Wheatsville). Full of flavor and totally vegan, they rounded out our veggie feast quite well.)

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

 Happy It’s-Already-Summer-in-Texas, y’all! Have any great vegan grilling tips? Share them with us! We’d love to give new techniques a try. 


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