Keepin’ Busy: An Update From the World of Book Building


Every once in a while we hope to post a little update about how this whole book writing process is going. This week we had another official check in with our publisher, History Press, which means we’re looking back at the last month of life as co-authors of Vegan Survival Guide: Austin, TexasAh, the memories….

We’ve been busy since we signed the contract, y’all. Emails, visits, photos, ice cream, crab cakes, vegan grill outs; it’s all sort of a blur. We’ve contacted well over a dozen businesses, including Sweet Ritual, Wheatsville, Mother’s, Bouldin Creek, Casa De Luz, and Unity Vegan Kitchen. Many folks have been kind enough to offer up their time to answer our questions. We have plenty more businesses on our list we’re working to contact. In the mean time, we’re doing our best to let folks know what Vegan Survival Guide is all about. The response from the vegan community here in Austin has been so supportive and positive. We’re grateful to everyone who has wished us well and helped us out as we follow through on our mission to document vegan history and culture in the Capitol City.

We’ve also been eating. A lot. And it’s been awesome.

So far, in the name of Vegan Survival Guide, we have eaten: 

Texas Caviar (made from the recipe Bryant Terry’s book, Afro-Vegan).
Creole-Spiced Plantain Chips (Afro-Vegan)
Sweet Potato & Lima Bean Tagine with a side of All-Green Spring Slaw (Afro-Vegan)
The Tarzan Salad (Bouldin Creek)
Enchiladas filled with chorizo and topped with a chipotle sauce, pumpkin seeds and vegan cheeze (Bouldin Creek)
Tofu Broccoli Salad with ginger/miso dressing (Bouldin Creek)
Vegetable Noodle Soup (Xian Sushi & Noodle)
Chocolate Banana Bread (recipe from Isa Chandra’s Post Punk Kitchen)
A dish of mint chocolate chip ice cream (Sweet Ritual)
A cone of Bananas Foster (Sweet Ritual)
Vegan Grill Out!!! Corn, vegan sausage, guacamole, beets, carrots, so very many vegetables
Tofu Scramble with kale, red peppers, shallots & #garlic (recipe from The Oh She Glows Cookbook)
Chocolate Molasses Cake (inspired by a recipe in Isa Does It)
Hearty tacos filled with sautéed collards and sun dried tomatoes with crispy tempeh (Home cookin’)
Tempeh Reuben with a side of Pac Man salad (Counter Culture)
Midnight Lasagna (recipe from Veganomicon, renamed to suit our late night cooking schedule)
Do-It-Yourself Salad (Wheatsville)
Popcorn Tofu Po’ Boy (Wheatsville)
Tofu Scramble with Potatoes & Tempeh (The Vegan Nom)
Muffuletta with cashew cheese & olive tapenade (Unity Vegan Kitchen)
Vegan Crab Cakes with caper aioli (Unity Vegan Kitchen)

We’ve been sharing what we’re eating and who we’re meeting on instagram, facebook and twitter (and, of course, on this blog).

It’s also worth noting that in our other life, we’ve been slinging a heck of a lot of books. BookPeople has had one of its busiest Spring seasons on record, so we’ve been darting from places like Wheatsville and Sweet Ritual to events with people such as Jimmy Carter, Garrison Keillor, Arianna Huffington, Alicia Silverstone, Nolan Ryan, Roxane Gay and so many others. It is absolutely true that these two non-stop booksellers have been fueled by some of the best, most nourishing vegan eats in our fair city; by nutritional yeast and kale, we have survived.

What’s next? We keep emailing, keep meeting and talking, keep letting folks know about Vegan Survival Guide. And of course we keep sampling Austin’s wide variety of vegan fare. Because life is awesome and book building is fun.


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