Help Rabbit Food Grocery Open a Brick & Mortar Vegan Grocery Store in ATX!


We love Rabbit Food Grocery, the pop-up and online vegan food shop here in town. We’re SUPER excited to hear they’ve launched a Kickstarter to open a brick & mortar vegan grocery store in Austin! Imagine walking into a store where everything – EVERYTHING – is vegan! This would be the very first all-vegan store in the entire state of Texas. Y’all, we have to help them make this happen!

Their goal is not only to open up a vegan food store, but to become a central location for vegans in Austin. Events, parties, animal rights meetings, potlucks; their dreams for the future of Austin’s vegan community are big and very exciting to think about.

If you can, head over and donate to their Kickstarter campaign. They have 29 days to make it to $12,000. Let’s help them out!